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Client: My family
Services: Branding, Print, Photography, Video


Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics rounds up the favorite versions of iconic life essentials, from perfect sweaters by &Daughter and exclusively designed Woolrich blankets to special-edition Arc’teryx mountain jackets and storied Leica cameras. Buy the best and keep it for life—and look good while you’re at it.

The Pop-In shops are curated by Olivia Kim—Nordstrom’s wave-chasing, Prada-wearing, tattoo-collecting Director of Creative Projects—Pop-In@Nordstrom is an ongoing series of themed pop-up shops meant to showcase deserving designers, expose you to something surprising and embrace Nordstrom’s exploratory heritage (which traces its start to turn-of-20th-century Seattle). Because the Pop-In themes are temporary and ever changing, they hope you’ll find something you love today and something you love even more tomorrow.


The Pop-In’s themselves are a test of quick strategic thinking, trusting your gut and producing a variety of concepts in a short amount of time. Each Pop-In runs for only a month. Because of this our timeline from concept to completion mirrors that month timeline.

When it was decided that we were going to create a Pop-In around the everyday classics, Olivia often gave us a select group of adjectives to base our thoughts and design around. With New Classics she wanted to touch on the throw back nature of the products, but needed the branding to feel separate. It was a moment of given two completely opposite styles and then told to find a way to marry them together.

• Creating a unique experience that our users haven’t seen before
• Branding is bold and bright, standing out from the product
• Encourage sharable elements, both online and in-store
• Make it move!


The look and feel went through multiple reversions before coming to the final logo and design elements. We landed on House Slant as the main typeface for New Classics and pursued a primary color palette with cheeky illustration and GIF accents.


Responsive Website

After multiple concepts and interaction elements were nixed, I finally came to a more simple grid layout that had video, motion and CTA’s peppered throughout the the Explore Page. The Shop pages could be viewed through a variety of different ways: Viewing all of the products and category based, which contains Womens, Mens, Accessories and Home.



Like most Ecommerce companies these days, our online presence at Nordstrom was extremely important, but along with designing a unique experience for web we had to always shift our mindset to how this would represent itself in a brick and mortar.

We strived to create a space that felt unlike anything anyone has experienced in Nordstrom. We created custom bags for each Pop-In and always has a share-able “selfie moment”.

Photo from Top Left: In-store shop, shopping bag, window display (with Donovan highfiving the giant smiley) and a sticker take away.

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